The original melamine Pictureplate

Turn children's artworks, photos, hand and footprints into something they'll treasure for ever. Strong enough to use every day, they provide a lasting memory of childhood.

Made of durable BPA-free food-safe melamine, it's dishwasher safe and covered by a 40 year quality guarantee. 25cm diameter.

Proudly made in Australia

Guaranteed quality

The core range

These are the most popular products in our range. Your Starter Kit comes with drawing paper suitable for all of these products so you can run your project with ease.

25cm melamine.
25cm melamine.
Small clock
20cm gloss MDF.
Ceramic mug
250mL capacity.
Plastic mug
250mL capacity.
12-month tear off.
Water bottle 400mL
Water bottle 600mL

The extended range

Maximise your sales by including items from the extended range. Drawing paper for these items can be downloaded and printed on A4 paper by you or by the parents. Clear, simple pricing makes it easy to include these products if you choose.

iPhone case (black or white)
iPhone 8, 7, 6/6S, 6+/6S+, 5/5S, SE.
Samsung phone case (white)
For Galaxy S7.
20x25cm rubber-backed.
20x26cm high-gloss front, hard-backed.

Price List

To keep things simple, our products are divided into four colour groups: red, blue, green and yellow. All items in a group have the same price. If you're running a fundraiser, add your own margin to these prices.

We don't charge extra for photos or paints so kids are free to get creative! Prices include GST and all postage within Australia.

Orders must contain at least 10 items to qualify for these prices. Please contact us directly for further information on small orders and re-orders.

Red $26
or $24.50 with Early Bird


Blue $22
or $20.50 with Early Bird

Small clock
Water bottle 600ml

Green $16
or $14.50 with Early Bird

Ceramic mug
Plastic mug
Water bottle 400ml

iPhone/Samsung case

Yellow $12
or $10.50 with Early Bird


Loyalty Star Rewards

Our loyal customers earn a discount of up to $1.00 off each Pictureplate.

Every year you place a qualifying order with us, you gain a Star up to a maximum of 3. Log in to your Customer Centre now to see how many Stars you already have.

See the full terms of the Loyalty Star program.

Stars Discount Regular Early Bird
$22.00 $20.50
50c $21.50 $20.00
75c $21.25 $19.75
$1.00 $21.00 $19.50

Early Bird Discount

Return your drawings by May 31st to save $1.50 off each item! Act early and save.

If we receive your drawings in our office by the 31st of May, we'll take the Early Bird discount of $1.50 off each item in your order.

Orders arriving by the end of April will not only receive the discount, but also qualify for a shorter production time too! See our Calendar for more information.

Pictureplate Quality Guarantee

We are proud to make our Pictureplate to the highest quality standards and guarantee its durability for 40 years of normal household use.

We will also freely replace any product broken during shipping or from handling when reported within 30 days of delivery.

See the full terms of the Guarantee.

FAQ How much profit do I make?

You can set your own prices for the parents to pay. We recommend adding $6 to the price of each item, which is equivalent to a 30% profit on Pictureplates (at $28), and is the same as we charge for direct individual orders. It's up to you, though, whether you want to charge $25 or $30 or anything in between. A three-star Loyalty customer ordering during Early Bird and charging $28 makes 45% profit on Pictureplates.

FAQ How do I get started?

Click here to order a Starter Kit by post or email, or if you'd prefer, just give us a call on 1300 130 574. The Kit contains all the info and materials you need to run a Pictureproducts project from start to finish.