Considering a Pictureproducts project? The free Starter Kit comes with everything you'll need

Included in your Kit is a folder packed with info to help you and the fundraising committee evaluate the project. Then, when you are ready to go, you'll find plenty of leaflets, posters, and a sample Pictureplate along with all the drawing paper for our core range so you can get started right away. It's yours free of charge and without obligation.

You'll also receive digital copies of most of the contents of your kit by email as soon as your Kit is posted, so you can get going even quicker.

Smaller Kits for smaller orders

If you'd like just a few items for your own kids, and maybe some friends, our simple small order kit contains just the drawing papers and an order form. Please contact us directly for further information on small order Starter Kits.

No fundraising? No problem

The Pictureproducts project can be run as just a fun activity, making keepsakes for the kids and parents. We can pre-print your name and logo on the drawing paper to make a truly commemmorative gift.

Hassle-free payments

If your centre is unable to handle payments, or you'd just like us to take care of the money, we are able to accept credit card payments directly from the parents on your behalf.

How it works

First, order your free Starter Kit. Use the included sample Pictureplate, the leaflets and posters to promote the project to families. Hand out Order Forms for the parents and collect orders. You can take payments directly, or use our online payment facility.

Children complete their drawings on the included paper, either in class or at home. Pack the drawings into the reply paid bag we supplied in your kit, and return to your nearest post office. We'll track it in the post from the moment you lodge it. There's also a scan-and-upload option available.

We will work to produce your order, keeping you updated by email as it progresses. You can also log in to your Customer Centre at any time to see how it's going, or update your details. Your invoice will also be sent by email. See our calendar below for estimated time in production.

We'll post out your completed order. Items will be split by class and ready to hand out!

The Pictureproducts calendar

Pictureproducts are very popular at certain times of the year. Plan ahead and avoid these busy times to get your order completed sooner.

if we receive
your order in
expected time to
produce your order
4 weeks
9 weeks
6 weeks
9 weeks
November12 weeks
December9 weeks

Postage times

Be sure to account for postage time both to and from Sydney in addition to the production times listed. You can use Australia Post's Delivery Time calculator (to Penrith 2750) for an estimate.

Early Bird Discount

If we receive your drawings by May 31st, you'll receive the Early Bird discount of $1.50 per item. See the page on pricing for more information.

Express Production

If your order contains only non-melamine items, you'll receive an express 2-week production turnaround (except in December and January).

FAQ Do I have to pay for postage?

No, your kit is supplied free of charge, and includes a pre-paid Return eParcel satchel for you to return the drawings. Because we send through the eParcel network, you can track the parcels from the moment they are sent. Log in now to see the status of your parcels.

FAQ Why does it take so long?

We know that six or nine weeks is a very long time to wait for your Pictureproducts. The unique process of melamine plate production uses very large, slow, and expensive machines which need to be handled by skilled operators—it's far more complicated than a simple printer or heat press like low-quality polymer plates.

At the same time we would much rather you receive your order before you expect it, not after, so these times are a conservative estimate. We do everything we can to streamline production and get your order out early, and we hope that the children and their parents will enjoy their Pictureplates for many many years to come.