Download and print drawing paper

It's easy to make your own truly unique gift or keepsake from our extended range. Just download the drawing paper template as a PDF from the list below, print it out, and return the completed drawing to your Organiser.

Pricing: Each product belongs to a colour group—red, blue, green and yellow—which are all priced the same. See your school's order form.

Blue Group

Tote bag

48 x 35cm, polyester canvas.

Download A4 Tote bag drawing paper here.

Green Group

Pencil case

28 x 14cm, polyester canvas.

Download A4 Pencil case drawing paper here.


20x25cm, fabric top with a non-slip rubber base.

Download A4 Mousepad drawing paper here.


20x26cm, beautiful glossy top with hard base.

Download A4 Tablemat drawing paper here.

Core range

Drawing paper for these items in the core range has already been supplied to the school, but if you need more urgently you can download them here, too. These pages should be printed on A3 paper, so that children's drawings don't get scaled up in size.