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Not just a great fundraiser, but a treasured memento of childhood.

A Pictureproducts fundraiser is so special because all our products feature a child's own drawings and photos. Children are delighted to see their pictures on plates, cups and calendars, and parents will treasure the precious memories for many years.

Whether you are looking to raise funds for your school, or it's just a fun activity for kids and parents, our experience will help make it a success.

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Lisa Dabrowski 26th November 2015 via Facebook

Our initial order was done through our Kindy and was very easy. I then had to order a 'gift' plate for grandma. The staff were excellent, very helpful. I then received at least 4 emails telling when when my sons plate would be sent, couriered, at post office etc. Great service! Grandma was thrilled with the plate and my only regret is that I forgot to get my son to write the year on it!

Alicia Manson 25th November 2015 via Facebook

This was my first year as fundraising co-ordinator for my daughters kindergarten and my first experience with Picture Products, and what an amazing experience it was. Customer service was absolutely fantastic and had an answer for every question I had. The whole process is so well explained and so easy to follow it made completing this fundraiser such a pleasure. Even down to receiving the order, the products are so easy to handout with names already attached ready to go. Thank you so much Picture Products for such a great fundraiser and supplying our children with their kindy memories.

Caroline Smith 4th November 2015 via Facebook

I am beyond impressed by the customer service offered by Pictureproducts. We had a plate break on the day of delivery and they went above and beyond to bring a smile back to one of our kindergarten children by replacing the plate in record time. Thank-you so much for what you've done, customer service like this doesn't happen everyday!

The Original Melamine Pictureplate

Children's artworks, photos, handprints and footprints are moulded into durable, practical melamine Pictureplates. Strong enough to use every day, they provide a lasting memory of childhood for many years. Parents have bought over 2.5 million Pictureplates in Australia since 1977. 25cm diameter.

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40 Year Pictureplate Quality Guarantee

We are proud to make our Pictureplate to the highest quality standards and guarantee its durability for 40 years of normal household use. Click here to read the full guarantee.

Photograph of a melamine dinnerplate with a child's drawing on it

The Pictureplate is proudly made in Australia.

Maximise your fundraiser with our selection of great value add-on products

Melamine clock with drawings
Melamine. Battery and wall hanger included. 25cm.
Calendar with drawings
2016 Calendar
12 months. 42cm x 30cm.
Ceramic mug with drawings
Ceramic or Plastic

250mL capacity.
Mousepad with drawings
Foam. 25cm x 20cm.
Tablemat with drawings
Glossy finish, hard backed. 25cm x 20cm.

Early Bird Discount

Illustrated blue bird singing

Return your drawings by May 31st to save $1.50 off each item! Act early and save.

Loyalty Club StarStarStar

Our loyal customers earn a discount of up to $1.00 off each Pictureplate. Type your school or centre's six-letter customer code (if you have it) in the box below to look up how many Stars you've got.

Click here for more information on the Loyalty Club.

Prices include GST and all postage within Australia. We don't charge extra for photos or paints so kids are free to get creative!

If you're running a fundraiser, add your own margin to the prices listed.

Price List

Orders of at least 10 items qualify for the regular price. Smaller orders are charged at the small order price and must contain a minimum of 3 items (except for re-orders of existing items). Loyalty Star discounts don't apply to small orders.

Can't see the whole table? Rotate your device or slide the table sideways to see more.

product regular early bird small order
Pictureplate $22.00 $20.50 $28.00
Pictureplate Star
with 1-Star discount
$21.50 $20.00 N/A
Pictureplate StarStar
with 2-Star discount
$21.25 $19.75 N/A
Pictureplate StarStarStar
with 3-Star discount
$21.00 $19.50 N/A
Pictureclock $26.00 $24.50 $32.00
Ceramic Picturemug $18.00 $16.50 $25.00
Plastic Picturemug $18.00 $16.50 $25.00
Mousepad $17.00 $15.50 $23.00
Tablemat $20.00 $18.50 $26.00
2016 Calendar $12.00 $10.50 $15.00

For example, if you are running the project during the Early Bird period, and you have 2 Loyalty Stars, your Pictureplate price is $19.75.

This year's Starter Kit comes with everything you'll need,
all in one handy bag.

From the very first committee meeting, to sending off your completed drawings, the simple step-by-step instructions will help you choose, promote, organise and run a successful Pictureproducts project. The Kit includes leaflets, posters and a sample Pictureplate along with all the drawing papers for every product so you can get started right away—and, it's yours free of charge and without obligation. Click here to order a Starter Kit.

Reusable eco-bag, organiser's folder, organiser's worksheet, sample Pictureplate with plastic stand
Poster, leaflets, cards, drawing papers, reply-paid satchel bag

Smaller Kits for smaller orders

If you'd like just a few items for your own kids, and maybe some friends, our simple small order kit contains just the drawing papers and an order form. Click here to order a small order Starter Kit.

Plan ahead

Making each individual Pictureplate can take some time so it's important you allow enough time in your fundraising calendar for manufacture in addition to promoting the project and doing the drawings.

6 weeks
+ postage

January to April
July, August

For most of the year, manufacture of your order takes 6 weeks plus postage time to and from us.

9 weeks
+ postage

May, June
Sept to Dec

If you return your drawings during our peak months please allow 9 weeks plus postage instead.

2 weeks
+ postage

Run out of time? You can still choose products from the KidsPix Collection only for an EXPRESS 2 week plus postage turnaround.

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Have your order in by end of May
and save with the Early Bird Discount!

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